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Lisa Sacks

Bristol Nuffield Hospital

I qualified as a specialist surgeon in April 1994, having trained in South Africa, Brazil, and Belgium. Since June 1996 I have practiced as a consultant surgeon in the UK NHS, ifor almost 20 years and thereafter in private practice. I am based solely in Bristol where I have worked with the same team for the past 20 years. I view surgery holistically and as a catalyst and a gateway to positive lifestyle changes. I incorporate lifestyle medicine into my surgical practice. Careful patient selection promotes realistic expectations and happy patient outcomes. I’m passionate about delivering functional benefits as well as harmonious appearances.

I have a parallel career as a figurative sculptor specialising in portrait busts, as well as the figures of female form.

Main Procedures

Vertical Breast Reduction and Lift, Abdominoplasty, Breast Augmentation

Clinic Address

3 Clifton Hill, Bristol, BS9 1LS

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07483 445948

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