Responsibilities Of An Expert -Appraisal Of Current Medicolegal Systems In UK

Responsibilities Of An Expert -Appraisal Of Current Medicolegal Systems In UK

CAPSCO is delighted to present this meeting on medicolegal expertise and the responsibilities that an expert should have. We are very fortunate to have, as presenters in this meeting, authorities from indemnity organisations and consultants with extensive medicolegal backgrounds.


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Time: Mar 21, 2021 11 am

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Devices in your clinic with Vanessa Bird

Should I get a device in my clinic, what should it be, does it give good clinical results and is it worth buying? These are questions we often ask ourselves as clinic owners and we are thrilled to have Vanessa Bird, Aesthetic Business Consultant, as our guest speaker on Sunday September 13th at 11am to answer these questions, and more, in a one hour long webinar.

Having previously worked for  Wigmore Medical, Syneron Candela and BTL Aesthetics, Vanessa uses over 12 years of industry experience, knowledge and connections as The Aesthetic Consultant, to understand the specific challenges faced by successful, high-profile aesthetic practitioners and clinics as she helps them succeed in the elite ’top tier’ of Aesthetic Medicine. Vanessa works with Individuals, clinics and companies in the UK and abroad to offer bespoke solutions that bring measurable success.

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Allergan Business Consulting – Opportunities with non surgical practice

This webinar will be held on Sunday August 9th at 11am and will be conducted by Marcus Haycock and Angela Langley of Allergan Business Consulting. The webinar will be moderated by Mr Taimur Shoaib, consultant plastic surgeon, who has used the services of Allergan Business Consulting for the past 11 years since he opened his clinic, La Belle Forme, in Glasgow in 2009. If you have ever thought about introducing injectables into your plastic surgery practice, either as a clinic owner or as a surgeon who mainly works in a private hospital setting, this webinar is for you. Details of how to join the webinar will be forthcoming soon. Please save the date.

We are delighted to have Marcus and Angela as our speakers.

Marcus Haycock

Marcus is the National Business Consulting Manger, at Allergan Aesthetics. Marcus is a creative Business Consultant with over 12 years’ experience working within the UK private surgical and non-surgical medical aesthetic sector. He consistently delivers a diverse range of operational and strategic projects to independent aesthetics practices. The scope ranges from improving clinic efficiency and profitability, business/marketing/digital planning strategies, staff leadership/clinic management.
In his career to date he has held a variety of commercial roles within sales, marketing, coaching and training. He is a podium speaker and presents at national and international educational events. In his current capacity he is the UK Business Consulting Team lead developing Allergan’s UK consulting strategy. He also dedicates a small amount of time to international projects to broaden depth of knowledge and insight. He specialises in helping clients curate practical implementation plans tools and bespoke training that culminates in strong practice growth trajectories. These are all associated with modest investments in time and expenditure for the client. He is analytical and detailed orientated by nature. These strengths enable him to be effective at creating robust processes that empower employees and keep all stakeholders focused and accountable.

Angela Langley

Angela joined the Allergan Aesthetics UK Business Consultant team as an experienced and successful business manager with 30 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry, in various sales, training and commercial roles.  Prior to joining Allergan Aesthetics she was self-employed  as a successful business consultant providing business coaching to owners and senior managers to help them achieve their business and personal goals. She is passionate about helping and supporting you to achieve the best for your business.   She has a strong track record of establishing relationships and working to develop and deliver mutually beneficial outcomes.  As a business graduate she applies sound business theory to positively affect outcomes for new business opportunities and to resolve business problems with solution based strategy.

Ron Myers – the importance of customer service

Business partners Ron Myers and Martyn Roe began the Consulting Room group of companies back in 2002. They have since gained a reputation within the UK aesthetic market place for their in depth understanding of the sector, innovative approach to business and award winning service.

Having been involved in the launch of Botox® in 1994, they have been at the centre of the industry throughout its development and growth and have practical experience in working on numerous million pound plus distribution and education/conference related business models including Wigmore Medical and the FACE Conference.

This webinar will be moderated by Mr Naveen Cavale, Consultant Plastic Surgeon to whom we are very grateful.

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Please note that this webinar, as with all webinars, will be recorded for training and education purposes. CAPSCO may make the recording available at a future date.


Business masterclass on starting a new clinic business

Business masterclass on starting a new clinic business. Saturday 11th July 2020 by Mr James McDiarmid. Sponsored by Motiva and the UK Country Manager, Douglas Black.

This webinar will be moderated by Mr Shanks Shankar.

James McDiarmid FRCS(Plast.) has been practising aesthetic plastic surgery in the southwest UK for the last 20 years. During that time he has established 2 CQC registered out-patient clinics and will shortly be opening Wood Medispa a CQC registered in-patient Hospital in Devon.

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Please note that this webinar, as with all webinars, will be recorded for training and education purposes. CAPSCO may make the recording available at a future date.

VAT and your medical clinic

We are delighted to have Veronica Donnelly, VAT expert and chartered accountant and tax adviser giving a webinar on how VAT can affect your medical clinic. Please join us on Sunday 28th June at 11am for this webinar. Veronica heads up the UK aesthetics team for her firm, Campbell Dallas.

Veronica is a Partner in the Glasgow office and is a Chartered Tax Adviser and Associate of the Institute of Indirect Taxation. She specialises within VAT and has been a VAT advisor for 30 years, including working in-house for HMRC. Veronica’s clients cover a wide range of sectors including aesthetics, higher education, housing, transport and local government sectors. Her work includes strategic planning as well as assisting with compliance issues and negotiations with HMRC locally and nationally.

Veronica speaks regularly at tax conferences and is available for CAPSCO members by phone on 07799471071 and email

This webinar is being moderated by Mr James McDiarmid, Consultant Plastic Surgeon. James McDiarmid FRCS(Plast.) has a 20 year experience practising aesthetic plastic surgery in the Southwest UK. Having been personally involved in a prolonged and expensive VAT investigation he can attest to how critical it is to get the correct advice from the start.

This webinar is being held at 11am on 28/6/2020. To register please click here:

Please note that this webinar, as with all webinars, will be recorded for training and education purposes. CAPSCO may make the recording available at a future date.


CAPSCO creates resumption and safety documents

UK, May 2020. CAPSCO this month authored and made available to all its members, five documents. These documents were written to help members when they start working again after lockdown ends. The documents included: a health and safety risk assessment, consent form for surgery specific to COVID, pre-treatment COVID specific questionnaire, COVID specific aftercare sheet and an infection control/cleaning policy update now that we are mindful of coronavirus infection.

CAPSCO labiaplasty webinar

UK, 24th May 2020. Today, CAPSCO held its inaugural webinar on clinical matters. Although CAPSCO, as an organisation, is committed to developing plastic surgeons’ businesses and clinics, we also realise that our members are international experts in clinical aspects of plastic surgery. Our first clinical webinar was on all aspects of labiaplasty and there were over 30 participants at this event. The event went on for around two hours with active participation from several of the attendees. We were honoured to have three experts, Mr Paul Banwell, Ms Nora Nugent and Mr Shailesh Vadodaria, present and speak at the event which was moderated and chaired by Mr Taimur Shoaib. We look forward to more webinars on both clinical and business aspects of plastic surgery.