CAPSCO is the Consortium of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Clinic Owners. Our constitution was ratified on 15th June 2020


CAPSCO is a Non-profit making (Cost Neutral) organisation established in March 2020 during the Covid19 pandemic.

The Founder members at various times virtually met, discussed, and established the organisation. Subsequently, a WhatsApp Group was formed and aesthetic plastic surgeons with similar background were encouraged to join. CAPSCO currently consists of 41 members.

Aims and Constitutions:
Of the organisation

  • CAPSCO is a non-profit making organisation
  • It is a fee-paying membership organisation
  • Support all Consultant Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons who have clinics / facilities to deliver Aesthetic surgical and non-surgical practice
  • Support Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons who are keen to establish a Business / clinic / facility in UK
  • Support Clinics / facilities to develop, establish and deliver patient centred safe, effective and ethical practice
  • To engage, negotiate and support with various industries regulatory and non-regulatory bodies in UK (CCQ, HIS, JCCP, GMC, NMC, etc)
  • To engage and negotiate with various suppliers of products for a preferential rate for our members
  • To arrange for clinic owners to use paid services (cost neutral) to have their clinics inspected for the delivery of safe and high-quality services. Accreditation of the clinics to be performed in conjunction with ISAPS
  • To support prospective clinic / facility owners in developing such a facility
  • Members will be informed about appropriate service providers for their regular business requirements
  • To establish a mediation service for a fee (Cost Neutral) to support members with complaints
  • CAPSCO will arrange Business development meetings at least once per calendar year free of charge
  • Members can have their business listed within the CAPSCO website for a nominal fee (Cost Neutral)
  • CAPSCO will provide guidance for human resources, marketing, accounting, insurance, and other aspects of business administration.
  • CAPSCO time to time facilitate research and audit projects within the industry


  1. Open for all Consultant aesthetic plastic surgeons who are business / clinic / facility owners in the UK or Open for Consultant aesthetic plastic surgeons who are keen to establish such facilities
  2. Must be currently registered with GMC with specialist registration in Plastic Surgery
  3. Must be in good standing with GMC
  4. One referee required who must be a CAPSCO member.
  5. Nominal Membership fee of £100 /year payable at the time of joining
  6. Member can terminate Membership with one month written notice
  7. Fee paying year start from 1st September 2020 which will be reviewed annually.
  8. Membership is non-refundable and payable in full for each fee year.
    Officers / Executive Committee by majority can terminate the membership for reasonable cause

Corporate Structure:

  1. Our Office Structure: Officers: Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer
    Executive Committee Members
    Advisers (Non-Voting Members)
  2. At our 1st AGM May 2020: The following appointments were made unanimously
    Chairman: Mr S Vadodaria
    Vice Chair: MR T K Sankar
    Secretary: Mr J McDiarmid
    Treasurer: Mr T Shoaib
    Advisers: Ms Nora Nugent
    Mr Sailesh Mehta
    Exec. Committee will appoint advisers time to time. They have no voting rights
  3. All officers by default will become Exec. Committee members. The executive committee may by vote appoint further members to the committee.
  4. Duration of each position is a maximum of 3 years with an annual vote organised by the Chairman at the AGM
  5. Committee Members will elect officers by majority. In case there is no majority Chairman will appoint by proxy.
  6. Meetings: 3 regular meeting and one AGM / year

All communications / documentations/ paper purporting to be the view of CAPSCO will be signed by Chairman and circulated by the Secretary.

WhatsApp group and other media:

  1. All members will be automatically become members of CAPSCO WhatsApp group and other CAPSCO Social media
  2. All members will be encouraged to share Information that are relevant to Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Practices only
  3. All Communication must be in English. If it not in English, Please Provide Translation
  4. All Members to Follow GMC good medical practice guidelines
  5. Any posts related to Race, Religion or Politics are not allowed at any time. Such posts will be removed
  6. Avoid discussing controversial issues unless it is related the profession
  7. Freedom of expression is encouraged within boundaries of good language without any personal attacks on members, organisations etc.
  8. From time to time a designated administrator engage with the member if a post deemed inappropriate
  9. WhatsApp/ social media membership can be terminated for any inappropriate posts by the executive committee. Termination of membership from the social media is does not automatically terminate the membership to the CPASCO.

Thank you
Best wishes

Chairman. Vice Chairman. Secretary. Treasurer

Date: 15/06/2020