CAPSCO Executive Officers

CAPSCO was formed in March 2020 and has the following consultant plastic surgeons as members of the Executive Board.
Mr Shailesh Vadodaria. Chairman.
Mr Shanks Shankar, Vice Chairman.
Mr James McDiarmid. Secretary.
Mr Taimur Shoaib. Treasurer

Declarations of Interest
Mr Shailesh Vadodaria. Owns and runs the MACS clinic in Watford. He is President Elect of UKAAPS
Mr Shanks Shankar. Medical Director of SK:N and all the subsidiaries of the SK:N clinic, including The Harley Medical Group
Mr James McDiarmid. Owns and runs Wood Cosmetic Surgery Centre
Mr Taimur Shoaib. Owns and runs La Belle Forme, faculty member of Allergan Medical Institute, Key opinion leader for Allergan

Quality Results

Our goal is to help the leaders of tomorrow learn to succeed today.  We take great pride in providing quality business services and exceptional experiences every single day. We’re absolutely here for you.

Experienced Staff

The members and officers at CAPSCO work as a team to exceed each your expectations. We have a combined 60+ years of high-level clinic ownership experience, at executive level, helping consultant plastic surgeons become successful in today’s world. Have questions? Join us!



The Executive Board consists of: Mr Shailesh Vadodaria (Chairman), Mr Shanks Shankar (Vice-Chairman), Mr James McDiarmid (Secretary) and Mr Taimur Shoaib (Treasurer)


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