Consortium of aesthetic plastic surgery clinic owners

Dear Colleagues, I hope you are all well and safe During the unprecedented COVID-19 crisis, a group of like-minded aesthetic plastic surgeons united together using WhatsApp and webinars to identify ‘solutions for survival’. We also realised that aesthetic plastic surgeons in full time private practice have additional responsibilities of running their clinics and/or business. We found productive engagement of progressively expanding group. This led to spontaneous formation of a consortium of aesthetic plastic surgery clinic owners called CAPSCO. We were able to develop infection control policies and guidelines specific to aesthetic plastic surgery clinics. We also organised webinars for developing better understanding of accounting, insurance, indemnity and setting up successful aesthetic plastic surgery clinic. It gives us an immense pleasure to inform you that CAPSCO has become “not for profit” registered organisation.

Our Aims are

1. To support the aesthetic plastic surgeons to develop and promote a safe and successful private practice/clinic.

2. To empower members by offering them training and education for regulatory compliance (CQC) Marketing, customer service, accounting, book-keeping, insurance including indemnity and procurement of clinic supplies.

3. To develop a framework for the organisation to support the members and their clinics to manage complain handling and mediation.

4. To work towards accreditation of the aesthetic plastic surgery clinics in conjunction with ISAPS (The International Society of Plastic Surgery).

5. Peer support to consultant plastic surgeons in case of difficulties.

6. To establish a network of medicolegal experts in aesthetic plastic surgery with training and high standards

7. Establish network for bulk procurement of clinic requirements for CAPSCO members to optimise price with better terms and conditions. It would be a great honour and privilege to have you as our member, hence may we kindly request you to become member of our great Organisation CAPSCO, to make your aesthetic surgery practice/clinic a successful business.

The annual fee for CAPSCO membership is £100. As the fee-paying members you will have a full access to documents that are necessary to run your business safely and effectively. You will be able to attend all business development meetings and webinars. This will also allow your practice/clinic staff to attend relevant webinars and conferences to make your practice/clinic more efficient.

With kindest regards,

Mr Shailesh Vadodaria – Chairman

Mr Shanks Shankar – Vice Chairman

Mr James McDiarmid – Secretary

Mr Taimur Shoaib – Treasurer

Helping the leaders of tomorrow learn to succeed today

CAPSCO can offer you a wealth of knowledge, from how to set up your clinic, to expansion plans, working with staff, using IT effectively, whether you should engage with a PR agent, where should you buy your clinic supplies, which contracts should you ensure you have, and so much more.

Membership of CAPSCO costs £100 a year (or part year) with the annual fee being payable in April every year.

Please email us if you’re not on the WhatsApp group and are a member

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